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Audio/Visual Equipment technology and Hollywood Movies have been my lifelong passion, I started Hollywood Audio Video of Little Rock in 1999 selling, installing, and servicing Dish Network and DIRECTV Satellite systems.  Digital Home Audio Systems were cutting-edge technology at that time and quickly becoming accessible to the average consumer creating a need for Qualified Technicians to Integrate or combine Digital Audio and Video creating the earliest form of Home Theater Systems in Little Rock. Soon after, with the invention of  High Definition flat panels, Television wall Mounting  became a reality for consumers. This changed the way we install Audio Equipment in Little Rock. Hiding Electronics such as Amplifiers, Dvd Players, and other Home Media devices in cabinets and closets has become  main stream, along with Ceiling, In-Wall Home Audio Speakers, and Hidden Wiring. With almost 20 years of Experience in Little Rock, we are the Local leaders. Your real Local Experts!